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Don't forget to watch for the 22nd season of Studio Rally Weekend in 2014 — Plan an autumn getaway! We're currently targeting the first weekend of October (4th & 5th) but this is to be confirmed so watch this space!

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Welcome to Studio Rally 2012!

A choice autumn day finds them touring around
This fine province in their Austin Healy.
The leaves seem ablaze, and in the air a bouquet
Of apple, pear, pumpkin, and—wait…really?!

…a cornucopia of paintings, photography, bronze sculpture,
Turned wood, silver insects, and jewellery,
Painted mats, bespoke shoes, carved stone, wood & bone!
But for all you know this is tomfoolery…

Go see for yourself, the mixed media and glass work,
Leather bags, pottery, quilts—a visual blitz!
And the wonderful galleries who are happy to show you
Fine art, craft and folk art because it’s…

You they are there for, it’s with you the creations
Are intended to make their way home with.
It’s you that they open their studio doors for,
It’s for your eyes they make for—go forthwith!

It’s a gift which you “come-from-aways” won’t mistake
The finest kind”, “the very best”, “right-fine” art.
And you are invited to meet these creators—
See their methods, peer into their hearts.

They invite you to share in the moment with them,
See them paint, carve and throw—craft their legend.
Take it all back with you, both art and encounter,
Pass it on to your spawn, heirs…your brethren.

For indeed these are people and things we will cherish
In this age of material madness.
They're not so elusive, pick a spot on this map,
Take a friend, visit artists, here's their address!

So go meet these great makers, go—take home a piece,
A rare one-of-a-kind that has meaning,
As a gift, mark a milestone, or just simply delight...
Art, artists, a tour—how appealing!

Paul Slipp
Paul Slipp,
Principal, Studio Rally Productions