Visit artists and craftspeople in their studios—all year long!

Plan a summer getaway! Join us for the 24th Studio Rally Weekend, July 30 & 31, 2016.

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Welcome to Studio Rally 2012!

Welcome to the 24th edition of Studio Rally, and as the quarter century anniversary is coming up, it can be said that it is the longest running guide to art and craft in the province; a true testament to the tenacity of the many people who every year contribute to its success. Creativity flourishes in so many ways and places, through hardship and prosperity, in the country and in the cities, in private places or public galleries and Studio Rally offers a tiny glimpse into this creative process.

This year-round guide is an invitation from these artists and galleries to you, to experience a slice of Nova Scotian culture rarely seen by the public. Visual artists tend to work in private spaces and it requires an adventurous spirit to seek them out, to engage with them, and experience what they have to offer; but it is always well worth the effort. Often studios and galleries are found in the most enchanting places, whether in the country or the city, so to stop, get out of the car, walk into a studio or gallery, where there is excitement, and a willingness to chat about the work, is an authentic experience. It doesn’t matter if you come from away or are a Nova Scotian taking a mini-break or staycation, it is an experience to take home and remember long after the holiday adventure is over.

Mark your calendars for July 30-31, for this year’s Studio Rally Weekend, and plan a road trip to visit some of the wonderful artists and galleries listed in the guide. Artists take this opportunity to maybe spruce up the studio just a bit, maybe put on the kettle and invite you in to sample what their work is all about; if the Studio Rally Weekend doesn’t work for you, then give a call anytime, the invitation is extended throughout the year.

There is magic in taking a risk, of traveling to unknown places, and engaging with people who use their creative imagination to sustain them, in ways most of us can only dream of.

—Janet Doble, 2016