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Welcome to Studio Rally 2012!

Shooting Stars

What an amazingly beautiful and inspiring place Nova Scotia is—never far from the shore, woods or a shady brook; antiquated barns, century homes, and the traditional methods and ideals they represent. We have such rich community here—it’s safe to say we are, for the better part, grounded and, well, neighbourly. Woven together, a rich tapestry; an eclectic array of people—natives and ‘from-aways’, all basking in a lifestyle with a reverence for the important things: time with friends and family, walking a beach at sunset, maybe consoling a friend at the kitchen table over tea and scones. We’re a pretty tight bunch.

Come, revel in this place that engenders in so many a passion to express awe-inspiring scenery; moments experienced with such fervour, they must be shared. And, revered are they who interpret these occurrences through images on canvass, deep in the grain of stone and wood; from fabric and photography, through glass and gems, molding bronze and clay. They’re the conduits to our dreamland, our cave painters and signalers of smoke, the singers of our songs. They are our stars, our shooting stars—see their stunning trail!

...and how lucky we are to have them among us! These scribes of our times define our lives with their images of notions and casting of moments. What would we do without them? We’d still revel in the moments, fondly remember and recall scenes at will. We’d express occasions in an effort to share the feeling; but they, while here in the material, they document their generation’s images, interpreting the things that move them, things worthy of having their story told.

So join us in our delight of their presence and their product—their souls and their stories. Watch as they light up the sky, if only just for one of those fleeting moments.

Paul Slipp
Paul Slipp,
Principal, Studio Rally Productions