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Welcome to Studio Rally 2012!

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” — William Blake

Left brain/right brain, logic/creativity—are we born with our lot or is it cultured through experience? What place does creativity have in industry or in the betterment of mankind? What value does society place on creative thinking? Who is this guy and why is he getting so philosophical with me?

Ok, so you’re really just interested in keeping it light, taking in Nova Scotia’s beautiful scenery and salt air, visiting some of our finest artists and making some memories. Of course–please forgive my indulgence and welcome to Studio Rally’s 23rd season! The focus is on the artists and galleries showcased here, not to mention you, the experiences we’re guiding you to and the pieces you’ll take back with you: artwork to grace your space, or to bring joy as a gift; perhaps seeding a new home with artful notions....heirlooms, one of a kind—(“comes with a story!”). So, please, make the most of your encounters, keep them as light as your vacation’s aspirations.

But between the studios, I invite you to consider the place visual art has in our lives; how engaging works of art in our homes, offices and public places affects our psyche and intellect by stimulating our right brain. The notion here is that the sciences and technology are significantly enhanced with creative thinking applied; nothing new really. But by specifically instituting and fostering creative thinking in our halls of education, in our labs and fields, in our banks, factories and legislatures, might we blaze a path to the solutions we seek and so clearly need?

So, as you travel our beautiful province and visit these amazing artists while gathering art as you go, feel good about yourself—you're making the world a better place!

“There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” — Victor Hugo