Welcome to Studio Rally
Allow me to paint you a picture—

The rich tapestry of autumn leaves in the hills surrounding the house still flaunts patches of green from the oaks. The breeze, rich with the sweet scent of ripening apples wafts into the yard from bins in the orchard across the road. Inside, she dips her brush in cobalt blue and with its wetness strokes the silk adjacent to the bright red, flattering the proud black lines. The fabric, anointed with animation, flutters with the motion and dances to the music’s rhythm. She smirks at the serendipity and reaches for more paint, but the grumble of gravel under tires gives her pause. Pulling back the curtain she sees your car pull in the yard, rinses her brush and goes out to greet you.

For a generation now, the artists of Studio Rally have welcomed you into their studios. Over these twenty years you’ve observed their space, discussed their work, and caught a glimpse of our world interpreted through their eyes. You got to know each other a little- even well enough for you to identify their character within their work. The memories of these exchanges are a palpable part of the spirit of each piece you’ve acquired and each work is a window to the creator’s soul. So there is a trinity: the art, its maker & you, and its observed each time the piece catches your eye. By extension, the artists and crafts people, their creations and those who take interest garner a collective spirit forming a community. Here, we call it the Studio Rally. It’s populated with galleries and sponsors, mentors and protégés, the talented, the adventurous, the cultured and the curious.

Website Update

As much as art will always be cherished and nurtured by the artists. The website is now being updated to share views from a broader range of topics starting from transportation! Feel free to visit around and read!

Newcomers welcomed.

October 18, 2018