Information Artists

Information for Artists
For $350 + HST ($402.50 total) you get…
Description of 50 words or less
Hours of operation
Phone, address, email, website, GPS coordinates
Directions (if necessary)
Editing of listing (spelling etc)
Placement on map confirmed
Image resolution verified
Image selection for listing as well as possibly “gallery” section & Front and Back cover
Notification to proof your content, image, placement and on map & corresponding number in listing (edits of any kind are not an option at this stage)
Guides for your use and some for distribution in your region if you like
Equal exposure on the Studio Rally website with links (an on-line version of the publication)
Rally Weekend exposure and participation privileges
A feeling of accomplishment- you have now made it to the much sought after status of being included in the fellowship of Nova Scotia’s prestigious Studio Rally Guide!
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More information
Once your application is submitted by you and accepted by the jury, your listing will be edited (only if required- this is mainly to maintain continuity, but also gives a second set of eyes for spelling & grammar etc); your placement in the map (sequence) is confirmed; images are verified to have proper resolution for reproduction (you’ll be contacted for replacements if not), then one image will be selected from the options you provided for placement in the guide to allow for best overall image sizing & page aesthetics (we request a minimum of 3-5- if fewer are available, we can discuss this. We need a vertical, horizontal and square one to give placement options, but feel free to send more- but remember only to include images you feel good about publishing. Don’t forget these images are being juried- the success of your application will be determined by the images you provide! On approval, remaining images will then be considered for use in the “gallery pages” (the pages in the guide other than the artist listing section) which offer info on workshops, related events, advertiser’s information, welcome page, guide use info, map etc), and, of course, the front and back cover (sorry, but placement on the cover pages aren’t for sale- we reserve the right to choose the images that we feel best represents and promotes the project at the time). These “Gallery” images are integral to the overall appeal and austerity of the guide. Not every artist will have a second image used but the better the images you send; the more likely it is they’ll be used.

Once the guide is compiled and designed (typically late April), you then will be notified to go online and proof your listing to ensure: proper spelling of content, phone numbers, email & web addresses, GPS listing, good colour in images etc, your placement on the map, numbers on map correspond to number in listing, etc. . Please note that this is not an opportunity for any edits, re-writes, or any tweaking colour of images supplied.

Once all proofing is complete, the guide goes live on the website (an on-line version of the publication), and then off to be printed (30,000 copies). We then distribute the guides and any other printed marketing materials (such as posters) to the participating artists, as well as all of the NS VICs (NS visitor information centres), the participating galleries (and some others), supporting businesses, major Hfx Hotels, and other points of interest (if you know of any you think would be good please let us know).

You’ll have the privilege of participating in the Studio Rally Weekend. Although an open house policy is preferred to participate in this weekend rally, you have the option to instruct visitors to call ahead for appointment etc if you prefer. We do various things to promote the event such as posting posters, radio & newspaper exposure etc wherever we can get the coverage and several of the participants help to promote the weekend in their region in their own way. Feel free to discuss this with us.

Finally, you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment- you have now made it to the much sought after status of being included in the fellowship of Nova Scotia’s prestigious Studio Rally Guide. Welcome!

October 18, 2018