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Listing Ad:

  • For $310 + HST ($356.50 total) you get…
  • Logo placement
  • Description of 50 words or less
  • Hours of operation
  • Phone, address, email, website, GPS coordinates
  • Directions (if necessary)
  • Editing of listing (spelling etc)
  • Placement on map confirmed
  • Image resolution verified
  • Notification to proof your content, image, placement and on map & corresponding number in listing (edits of any kind are not an option at this stage)
  • Guides for your use and some for distribution in your region if you like
  • Distribution of Guides throughout Nova Scotia
  • Equal exposure on the Studio Rally website with links (an on-line version of the publication)
  • Rally Weekend exposure and participation privileges
  • A good feeling!-you now have exposure in Nova Scotia’s prestigious Studio Rally Guide!
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More details
Once your listing is submitted, it will be edited (only if required- this is mainly to maintain continuity, but also gives a second set of eyes for spelling & grammar etc); your placement in the map (sequence) is confirmed; image supplied (logo) is verified to have proper resolution for reproduction (you’ll be contacted for a new file if not).

Once the guide is compiled and designed (typically late April), you then will be notified to go online and proof your listing to ensure: proper spelling of content, phone numbers, email & web addresses, GPS listing, good colour in images etc, your placement on the map, numbers on map correspond to number in listing, etc. . Please note that this is not an opportunity for any edits, re-writes, or any tweaking colour of images supplied.

October 18, 2018